My First Blog and First Post

Hi everybody, I am Lance Page, I’m an engineer and I am starting a little venture, with my first website (my first blog). I have many ideas to put in motion and this is only the first of them. But for the most part I want to grow personally and help others grow too.

So first I am going to start this little blog to share some of my daily experiences and thoughts. I am open to your opinions and comments and value them as a way to understand me and the world better. I will try to answer every comment, but obviously in the beginning is going to be easy because of the low traffic ha-ha. This is also my first blog, so I am learning on the way, but the advantage is that I like to learn new things so I don’t get bored ha-ha. 

I have seen many other people on the Internet with different ways to express their ideas and grow their projects, but there is something unique that encouraged me to take the first step. I watched some of these people since the beginning of their ventures and now some years later they have grown a lot, made an impact around them and have met many new and different people in their journeys. That, for me, is really inspiring and I hope I can also start to make a positive impact in the world. 

The current state of the online world

Does a blog bring significant views in this day and age? I don’t know but I like that here I can open a little more and try to be creative. I think that COVID19 has made a big impact in the online world so the web has become a kind of place to scape that reality. But avoiding it isn’t the answer, these challenging days has to make us learn more things to grow stronger as individuals and as a society. 

Next steps

I will try to add more content fast in the first days of the blog so it starts to take shape and have more relevant topics. Like I said, it is my first blog so I am very enthusiastic about it. 

I opened a twitter account too:, and I will update some of my bio here.

Have a good day and take care of your health. 

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